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Mandatory Fall Sports Meetings July 31st

As mandated by the OHSAA and state law, meetings for all students, and at least one parent/guardian, planning to participate in fall sports at Lucas High School or Middle School will be held on Monday, July 31st. All those planning to participate in cheerleading, cross country, football or volleyball this season must attend the general session at 7:00pm in the MS gymnasium. This will be followed by the individual team meetings at 8pm.

Please note that due to recent state legislation (AKA Lindsay's Law), those who fail to attend this meeting will be prohibited from participating in any mandatory practice, scrimmage or contest. Please also note that there be no make-up session scheduled for this mandatory meeting. Please see your Head Coach or e-mail Mr. Teague at teague.eric@lucascubs.org if you have any questions or concerns.

For your planning purposes, mandatory practices for all fall sports are scheduled to begin on Tuesday, August 1st. The winter sports meeting is scheduled for October 24th and the spring meeting is February 15th.