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2017 Varsity Track & Field

Photo Courtesy of Maurer Photography
HS Track and Field Win MBC Tri-Meet

The Lucas high school track and field team hosted Mansfield Christian and St. Peter's on Tuesday night in Lucas. The boys team placed first (118) followed by St. Peter's (18) and Mansfield Christian (17). The girls team placed first (87), followed by St. Peter's (57), and Mansfield Christian (14). Placing for the cubs were: 

Discus- Jacob Robertson 1st (126') Eli Mayer 3rd (75'4.75") Tommy ZIrzow (74'9") Taylor Zody 1st (99'10") Taylor Stamper 2nd (82'10") Kennedy Page 3rd (80'11.5") Jolie Booker 4th (64'4.5")

Shot Putt- Jacob Robertson 1st (39'8") Reid Mounts 2nd (37'8") Tommy Zirzow 4th (33'3") Morgan Sweat 1st (30'11") Taylor Zody 2nd (27'5") Chloe Niswander 3rd (24')

Long Jump- Nic Switzer 1st (18'9.5") JP Trumpower 3rd (17'2") Emily Niswander 1st (16'10" School Record) 

Pole Vault- Isaac Selvey 1st (9'6") Riley Mounts 2nd (8'6") Danny Desterhaft 3rd (8'6") Kaley Smith 1st (6'6") Jolie Booker 2nd (6')

High Jump- Nic Switzer 2nd (6') Ashley Robertson 2nd (4'8") Kennedy Page 4th (4')

100m- Jackson Hauger 1st (11.51) Westyn Adkins 2nd (12.05) Kaley Smith 1st (14.65) 

200m- Westyn Adkins 1st (25.25) JP Trumpower 2nd (27.20) Jacob Robertson 3rd (27.91) Mitchell Granson 4th (28.39) Emily Niswander 1st (28.90) 

400m- Nic Switzer 1st (50.55) Danny Desterhaft 2nd (58.45) JP Trumpower 3rd (1:03.93) Kennedy Page 3rd (1:20.19) 

800m- Tristen Arnold 1st (2:23.58) Danny Desterhaft 3rd (2:31.02) Kane Kent 4th (2:33.44) Lydia Copping 1st (3:12.88) Allie Weisman 2nd (3:20.10)

1600m- Gavin Shindeldecker 1st (5:03.52) Sam Krupa 4th (6:13.93) Allie Weisman 1st (7:13.29) Mercedes Whyte 3rd (7:34.67) 

300h- Riley Mounts 1st (51.87) Reid Mounts 2nd (55.52) Isaac Selvey 3rd (55.56) Vanessa Grant 2nd (1:06.28) 

110h- Reid Mounts 1st (17.57) Riley Mounts 2nd (20.34) Vanessa Grant 3rd (21.15) Ashley Robertson 4th (23.15) 

4x800- Arnold, Kent, Hall, and Shindeldecker 1st (9:39.65) Grant, Copping, Stamper, and Weisman 2nd (13:08.02) 

4x400- Hauger, Selvey, Shindeldecker, and Switzer 1st (4:00.21) Sweat, Copping, Robertson, and Niswander 1st (5:13.44) 

4x200- Arnold, Zirzow, Trumpower, and Robertson 1st (1:45.45) Sweat, Smith, C. Niswander, and Robertson 1st (2:06.04)

4x100- Adkins, Selvey, Reid Mounts, and Hauger 1st (49.04) Sweat, Smith, C. Niswander, and E. Niswander 2nd (57.81)

Way to go CUBS!!